We are a dynamic Czech-Slovak studio, revolutionizing the world with our cutting-edge machine learning and artificial intelligence innovations. Our projects don’t just help people – they redefine safety and security for everyone!

We’re a passionate squad of AI aficionados, relentless in our pursuit to deliver bespoke solutions for top-tier companies across both public and private sectors. Our mission started long before the current widespread excitement about AI took hold.

We’re at the forefront of technology, harnessing the latest advancements in microservices architecture, seamlessly packaged in containers and Kubernetes deployments. And that’s just the beginning!

We don’t shy away from getting our hands dirty – sometimes, you’ll find us in the workshop, crafting hardware with the same fervor and precision.


Increasing police car effectiveness

Our team has unleashed a game-changing in-car software solution, powered by cutting-edge AI technology, to supercharge the performance and speed of mobile law enforcement operations!


Stolen cars identification

Czechia is a hotbed for luxury car thieves, with most stolen vehicles streaming in from Germany and Austria. We’ve developed a cutting-edge solution that can instantly identify stolen cars and alert the police. Say goodbye to car theft!


Bulk Reading of GS1 Data Matrix Drug Codes

Experience the future of pharmaceutical dispensing with our AI-powered solution for mass reading of GS1 Data Matrix codes for medicines, seamlessly integrated with the pharmacy information system in line with the anti-counterfeiting directive (FMD). This cutting-edge technology dramatically accelerates the dispensing process in hospitals.


Advanced Classification of Cardiac Arrhythmia

Our solution revolutionizes cardiac care, using AI to instantly analyze ECG data, pinpointing heart rhythm deviations and identifying the eight most common arrhythmias. It replaces lengthy waits for specialist analysis, accelerating treatment initiation by up to eight months. A leap towards a future where every second counts in the fight against heart disease.


Vehicle Exterior Damage Detection System

Experience the future of vehicle care with our AI-powered damage detection system. It meticulously maps the extent of exterior damage, adhering to the stringent standards of leasing companies. Not only does it document the damage and photographic evidence, but it also tracks changes over time, providing a comprehensive history of your vehicle’s health. Plus, it’s ready to connect with external services for an instant repair cost estimate. A seamless blend of technology and convenience, designed to keep you ahead.


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